Car Share

Think about it … if you shared your journey with just one other person you could halve the costs of your journey, share with 2 others and cut your journey costs by two-thirds!

As well as saving money, you’ll also be helping the environment and reducing local congestion. Plus the journey time will fly by now that you’ve got someone to talk to!

There might not be a colleague you can share with, but what about others at Calder Park? You might be surprised how many other people make a similar journey to you. The West Yorkshire car share scheme lets you search for others you might be able to share with – its then up to you if you decide to make contact. 

Register to car share

Registration with the West Yorkshire Car Share Scheme takes just two minutes, and once on the system you will be able to search for other potential car share partners, what’s more, its completely FREE.

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How much could you save? have provided a useful online calculator which lets you work out how much money you could save by sharing your journey by car.

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