Getting here by car

Whilst it would be great if everyone could travel by sustainable modes of travel we all accept that for many people and many journeys the only realistic option is to travel by car.

Travel planning is not an anti car campaign but rather a pro choice agenda – we want to minimise unnecessary car trips to free up space for those trips where there isn’t an alternative.

If you feel you have no alternative but to drive  – or simply want to carry on driving because you like it – it may still be worth considering how you could reduce the impact of your car journeys whilst saving some cash at the same time.

Car Sharing

Do you drive to work alone?

Think about it … if you shared the ride with just one other person you could half the cost of your journey.

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Eco Driving

Sometimes there’s just no alternative but to drive … but there are ways to reduce the amount of money you spend driving … and you’ll be reducing your environmental impact too!

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