Getting here by train

Train travel offers a realistic alternative to the car for longer distance journeys, whether commuting or travelling for business.

Calder Park is located within easy reach of Wakefield Westgate and Wakefield Kirkgate train stations, which together provide access to both the regional and national rail networks.

From Wakefield Westgate you can catch the 435 bus service direct to Calder Park or alternatively it’s just a 4 minute walk to Denby Dale Road, where you can catch bus service 444. Service 97 provides a direct bus service from Kirkgate to Calder Park.

The West Yorkshire Rail Network

Planning a Journey

Live arrival/departure boards

Buying tickets

Useful tools/links

Rail services in West Yorkshire are grouped around 13 lines, a map of which can be seen by clicking here. Wakefield Westgate is located on the Wakefield line, whilst Wakefield Kirkgate is located on both the Huddersfield and Pontefract lines.

Further details on each of these lines, including timetables, can be seen on the West Yorkshire Metro website by clicking here

The easiest way to plan a journey by train is to use one of the online rail enquiry websites, such as National Rail Enquiries. Simply select the station you wish to travel from and to, and the dates/times of your journey, and the system will not only tell you which trains you should catch, but will also tell you how much your journey will cost and then let you book your tickets.

In West Yorkshire you can also make use of the Metro journey planner, which is particularly useful if your journey will includes legs by both train and bus. To access the journey planner, Metro Journey Planner

Live arrival and departure information can be seen for any station on the network, allowing you to see how the train network is operating before making the trip to the station.

Live departure information for Wakefield Westgate station can be seen by clicking here

Live departure information for Wakefield Kirkgate station can be seen by clicking here

There are a number of ways to pay for a journey by train. The easiest is often to buy a ticket at the station or on the train, especially if your journey is last minute, however those who travel regularly or book their journey in advance can save money by choosing an alternative option:


If your journey by train is within West Yorkshire it may be cheapest to buy an MCard (formerly a MetroCard), especially if your trip involves a leg by bus also. To find out more about ticketing options click here.

What’s more, if your employer is signed up to the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network, you can save an extra 15% on the cost of a season ticket – contact the Travel Plan Coordinator ( to find out if you can take advantage of this great offer.

Season tickets

An alternative to an MCard is to buy a rail season ticket. If you are making the same journey on 3 or more days within a week a season ticket is likely to offer better value than daily tickets. Season tickets are valid for 7 consecutive days or for any period from a calendar month up to a year.

For further details and to calculate how much you can save please click here

The following tools/links may prove helpful when planning or undertaking a journey by train:

National Rail Enquiries

The National Rail Enquiries website includes a wide range of tools, information and resources to help with the journey by rail.

National Rail Travel Tools

A range of tools to make your journey by rail easier, including alert tools, IE addons, mobile site and much more.

Station Services & Facilities

Find details about your local station, including access arrangements, cycle parking provision, taxi facilities and more