Cycling & Scooting

Cycling and scooting are a great way to avoid the queues on the way to work and you’re guaranteed a convenient parking space once you arrive! What’s more you’ll save money, be fitter and healthier and its environmentally friendly too.

You can reach Wakefield city centre and both Westgate and Kirkgate train stations in around 20 minutes. In the opposite direction, it’s just over 10 minutes to Chapelthorpe, a 20-minute cycle to Horbury and slightly longer to Ossett.

Cycle Map
Click below for an interactive cycle map, to help you plan your journey by bike.
Cycle Training
Click below to find out more about cycle training opportunities in Wakefield.
Discounts & Offers
As a Calder Park employee, you can take advantage of a range of discounts including bikes, outdoor clothing, adult scooters and more.
Scoot the Commute
Think scooting is just for kids…think again! A 20-minute walk is just 6 minutes on a scooter.
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Scoot the commute

Scooting is rapidly increasing in popularity with adults as a fun, speedy alternative way to travel. Why not turn a 20-minute walk into a speedy 6-minute scoot? Scooting is a quick, healthy, fun way to get around and could be perfect for a short commute, or a trip to the shops at lunch time. What’s more, Calder Park employees receive a 15% discount on the cost of an adult scooter from the UKs leading brand, Micro Scooters UK. They offer an impressive range of adult models with a host of features making them easy and practical to use. For more information and to take advantage of the offer.

Useful Links
The following are sources of further information for those interested in cycling / scooting to work or for leisure.