Decarbonising Transport

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Are you aware of the amount of carbon your commuting and general vehicle travel is generating?

There are a few studies and action plans published if you would like to read more into it but in summary, its important for us to recognise the impact our travel has on the environment and how we can improve this. The heatwaves currently occurring in the US and the floods in Germany are both clear evidence of climate change and point to these type of events becoming more frequent. Small changes can make a big difference if we all play our part in changing our travel to a more sustainable mode.

‘A plan for fairly decarbonising how people travel’ is available to access via the Institute for Public Policy Research

“The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated. Yet the transport sector is currently the number one contributor to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and little progress has been made over the past three decades in reducing emissions.

The action we take now will need to make up for the lack of progress made in reducing emissions in previous decades. This imperative for urgent action creates a once in a generation opportunity to put in place a new approach to how we all travel. Within this report we outline a vision for a transport system that is fair to all, works to improve people’s health and wellbeing and provides a better environment for nature.”

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