Greener travel rather than less travel

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“We must not forget that as humans we are very social animals; we like to see new places and have experiences.” – Giles Perkins, WSP Head of Mobility.

As offices and other workplaces are opening back up post Covid, a discussion has taken part at an event which saw panellists asked whether emphasis after Coronavirus restrictions lift should be on reducing the need to travel or making the way in which people undertake journeys more sustainable.

Giles added that travel should be looked at through a “greener lens” with people encouraged to think more about using the “right mode for the right journey at the right time”, and reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles.

If you’re returning to the workplace, or your workplace has asked for ideas, could you suggest allowing more flexible working to allow for travel by cycle at quieter times? You may have taken up cycling during lockdown and looking to continue after the pandemic, so fitting it into your workday is a great way to continue enjoying the outdoors and getting in some free exercise!

You can read the full article at CIHT

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