Net Zero Cities

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“cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities”

Electric cars are growing in popularity, with one in 14 new cars being electric in the UK in 2020. However, it would still take 15 – 20 years to replace the world’s fossil fuel car fleet!

Electric cars are helping with towards net-zero cities, but not quite fast enough. One way to reduce transport emissions relatively quickly, is to swap cars for cycling, e-biking and walking, also known as active travel.

If you cycle for one commuter trip per week*, your emissions decrease by 20%. If everyone did this, we would be making a huge difference to our cities and the planet. Decreasing your emissions by 20% is equivalent to 3.2kg of C02, comparable to driving your car 10km or sending 800 emails!

*based on working 5 days per week.

As plans start to be put in place for returning to the workplace, particularly in cities, can you make the swap to a more sustainable, active mode?

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