New Rail Flexi Season Tickets Available

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New Flexi Season Tickets went on sale for commuters in England this week who only travel to work two or three days a week.

The new season tickets can be used for eight days in any 28-day period.

The new tickets have been introduced to cater for the trend of home-working, brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the likelihood that even when people return to work, some will want to work from home for part of the week.

The government estimates that commuters could save between £60 and £350 on selected routes per year.

Commuters can use the updated online ‘season ticket calculator’, which will suggest the best tickets for them, and give them an idea of how much money they could save.

Are you planning on returning to the office part-time? If so, the Flexi Season Ticket could be for you!

You can read more about this on the government’s website.

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