Record breaking grant given to Bikeability to help provide greater access to cycling.

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Bikeability, a charity that helps to provide essential cycle training to schoolchildren in England has recently received a boost of £20 million to help further equip children with vital bike riding skills and knowledge.

The additional grant will help to provide a further 500,000 training places to kids across the country, helping to provide fundamental skills, knowledge and information. Providing this essential training to kids will likely help to set them up for a future of cycle usage, as a lack of training and key information on bicycle maintenance and using cycle infrastructure is a key barrier to using bicycles. Therefore, by targeting and training children at an early age will help to improve their confidence from an early age.

The additional grant to Bikeability will help to meet the DfTs goal of over half of all journeys in towns and cities to be made by walking or cycling by the year 2030, it is essential as part of this that children are given the necessary training to help make cycling a comfortable and attractive method of travel to school and potentially to work as they grow older.

So why not dig out your own bike and get on the cycle hype! The more people out there cycling, the more it will encourage others to join in.

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