The UK Government announces autumn budget – with a welcomed injection into the sustainable transport sector.

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Towards the end of October, the UK government revealed details of this years autumn budget, contained within this appeared to be a large emphasis and injection of money into the transport sector including a focus on a variety of sustainable transport methods.

It was revealed that £2 billion would be put towards walking and cycling, £1.3 billion towards electric vehicle grants and infrastructure and around £3 billion towards bus services. A much needed boost to a sector that is currently rapidly expanding.

The £3 billion towards bus services will come as a welcomed addition to many towns and cities as they look towards the implementation of electric buses. In recent months towns and cities such as Dundee and Leicester have made a substantial push towards implementing a fleet of electric buses, a feat that will be more attainable with this recent budget update.

By far the largest boost to the sustainable transport sector was handed to the rail network, with a £46 billion investment into the sector. With all this investment coming forward towards sustainable travel, there is no better time to make the change and start to travel sustainably. Even as little as 1 trip each week on foot, cycle or public transport will have a huge impact on reducing emissions, and not to mention provide you with proven physical and mental health benefits.

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