The UKs electric vehicle market is charging ahead – with recent amendments to government grant schemes making EVs more accessible for all.

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Within the past week the government has announced some alterations to its existing plug-in grant scheme, that has been introduced to help lower the cost of the purchase of an electric vehicle. The amendments will mean that the government grant will target affordable models on the market of under £32,000, thus meaning the current allocated funding will be able to go further to help more people make the switch to electric vehicle use.

As we approach the beginning of a new year, the government have been keen to set out proposals for the future of electric vehicles in the UK. In the new year we can expect to see the implementation of contactless payment at all designated electric vehicle charging points, and the creation of a recognisable cost format similar to the price per litre we currently have in place for petrol and diesel. These measures should help to make the process of recharging your vehicle more efficient and cost effective.

The current trends in relation to electric vehicle usage are positive, and with the addition of the incentives listed above added to the fact that many manufacturers are choosing to cut the prices of their electric vehicles, it is hoped that it will continue to inspire people to make the switch to electric vehicle usage.

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