Walking & Running

Walking is a great way to build exercise into your daily routine; whether you’re commuting or choosing to make local trips during the day on foot, rather than jumping in the car.

Walking to work (or even undertaking part of your journey on foot) can improve your health, make a positive contribution to the environment and save you money.

If you’re after a scenic lunchtime stroll, or perhaps a more energetic run, there’s Pugneys just over the road, or why not try out one of the informal routes along the River Calder, which you can get to from Peel Avenue.

Plan Your Journey
Check out the handy online journey planner at walkit.com, aimed specifically at those travelling on foot.
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Walkit.com - Online Journey Planner
Walkit.com is a really handy online journey planner, aimed specifically at those getting around on foot. Plan a route from A to B and not only will you be advised of the best route, the tool will also tell you how long it will take, how many calories you will burn, and even how much CO2 you will save.
Walking / Running Discounts
As an employee at Calder Park, you can benefit from a great range of discounts on walking and running products at the likes of Cotswold Outdoor and Runners Need.
Walking & Running Apps
There is now a great range of useful apps to help track your progress towards the 10,000 steps a day target.
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Walking & Running Apps

Government advice suggests we should be aiming to achieve 10,000 steps a day, which is easier said than done if your job is desk-based. Tracking your activity can be a great way to motivate yourself to get more active and there are now lots of apps available to help you do just that, many of which are free. Below are some recommended running / walking apps.


> Map My Walk

> Nike Run Club

> Run Keeper

Useful Walking Links
The following are sources of further information for those interested in walking / running to work or for leisure.
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The following are sources of further information for those interested in walking / running to work or for leisure:


> Living Streets

> Walking for Health

> Walk 4 Life

> British Heart Foundation