World Heart Day – 29th September

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September the 29th is World Heart Day – what better excuse to start a new heart-healthy habit.

If you usually drive to get your lunch, why not walk instead? The walk from Navigation Court to Starbucks takes less than 20 minutes and you’ll burn over 150 calories on a round trip.

If you get the bus to work, get off a stop or two earlier and walk. It won’t make a huge difference to your journey but over time, a little change can add up to a big difference to your heart health.

Take the British Heart Foundation’s Heart Age Quiz and find out if your lifestyle could be putting you at risk of a heart attack or stroke; there’s lots of great advice on how to minimise your risk too!

Alternatively, take up one of the BHF’s ’10 minutes to change your life’ challenges; whether your vice is smoking, alcohol, fast food or just a bit too much time sat watching TV, there is some great advice to help you to cut down or quit, with fantastic benefits for your heart health.